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    once I had my own land

    and I thought it fair

    take a look at your map

    and you`ll find it there


    but now I cannot go back

    `cause there`s a raging riot

    they say that I have to leave this place

    or I must surely die


    and so I ran through the forest

    and the burning plains

    I swam through the waters

    and the pouring rain

    seen the foreign landscape

    through the iron bars

    I crowled under the fence

    but the worst in the end

    was hunger my friend

    oh have mercy now


    sometimes it only

    takes a roaring night

    a simple handshake

    or the roll of dice

    and you`ll be abandoned

    for your skin or prayers

    all your dreams will be chased away

    as if they where never there


    and then you run through the forest

    and the burning plains

    you drown in the waters

    and the falling rain

    You`ll see a foreign landscape

    through the raging fire

    you crawl under the fence

    but the worst in the end

    I`ve mentioned my friend


    oh tell me now

    where`s the place so quiet and open

    and where to go?

    this narrow path paves no way

    oh let me know

    where to find a heart so golden

    that lends a helping hand

    to let me live again


    and as I was standing

    at the edge of life

    dreamt a man`s holding out his hand

    with a little smile

    see, it takes no wonder

    or the arms of law

    so listen my friend

    the best in the end

    is that you could be him now