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    nothing man



    as I walk down the road

    feeling shattered and cold

    leaving footprints out in the rain

    an invisible hand

    helps me up saying:" man

    look at you

    it`s the dream that you had"


    then it`s shining through

    like a burning fire

    when the ponderings fade

    and your love still remains

    then I know

    oh I know without you

    I`m a nothing man


    there are so many times

    in your everyday life

    when you failed to say what you feel

    oh I know I should mind

    my manners sometimes

    but the right words soung gooey for me


    your warm embrace on broken days

    your gracious heart is state of the art

    the smile in your face

    your goodness and graze

    the tears that will roll down when you`re mad at me

    there`s nothing to hide

    if you turn aside


    I am the nothing man


    the truth is here where I stand

    the nothing man

    it`s you, all that I have

    the nothing man

    without you

    you know, I know, here goes

    the nothing man