new horizon


It`s the inspiration

You share with your friends yeah

When we`re having a good time

And leave loads behind

The time we play out loud yeah

All these hammering songs yeah

To the beat of the drums

Of our Japanese friend

And as I`m staring at the new horizon

I still can feel the fire in our hands

So let us fill our souls

To let them shine yeah

And what it is worth

We`ll see it in the end

All our different sights yeah

Cut the ties that bind yeah

And we`re running in circles

No common way to find

But when I look in your eyes now

I`m about to cry out

Bring us back to the good times

And leave the past behind

For ten thousand miles

Someone sad said I got a view

We sing heaven can wait on a really heart day

Is it me you`re looking for

I didn`t know the way life goes


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