ask! my son



if you become a car mechanic

making sure that the engines roar

if you become a smart detective

chase the rouge in the name of law


if you become a politician

to heal the world you`re shaking hands

if you become a firefighter

killing flames to rescue men


let me take you by the hand

to lead you there

to be an honest man

and if you feel bad and wrong

if you`re sad and down my son

don`t be too shy to ask what I would have done


if you become a poor musician

play the keys to let us fly

if you become a lovely poet

writing songs into the sky


if you become a football player

without your goals they won`t get far

if you become an astronaut

landing on your lucky star


if you walk the longest road

or take the shortcut to your goal

it don't matter what you do

just promise me


to take care of you

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