when love makes a man



on hunting road in wilderness

a distant train leads to where I want go to

but I missed the wagon`s end


I giant leap in tiny shoes

I wonder how I ever will get used to

but your laughing guides my hand


I hit the road to nowhere

felling miles apart and

to face the truth I never dared


now I`m a strong believer

the binding owe will lead us

though there are heavy loads to bare


when love makes a man

considering again

what`s worth in the end


a happy day

exciting years

but all I fear is what could happen to you

the burden of a dad

sometimes I hear a weeping voice

that tells me of the days without sorrow

but I won`t go back again


the eyes of tomorrow

I`d bleed to put in

to see if the future is gracious

I know that it`s easier to live for today

but these days are all gone forever

when love makes a man



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